Focused on the endgame before the battle begins

High-Stakes Litigation

Seiden Law successfully handles litigation matters to trial, including in all state and federal courts in the United States and assisting global counsel on foreign matters. Seiden Law has successfully handled hundreds of civil cases through litigation resulting in large settlements and victories for our clients.

Foreign Judgments,
Arbitrations &
1782 Actions in the U.S.

Seiden Law has the experience, skills, and contacts needed to locate stolen or hidden assets and lawfully repatriate them, anywhere around the world. We do so by utilizing a number of legal avenues to recognize and enforce any foreign judgments and arbitration awards within the United States. We then identify the current whereabouts of assets, and the mechanisms used to conceal them. This often entails use of 28 USC 1782 of the U.S. Federal Code that enables powerful discovery to aid foreign proceedings.

Court Appointed Receiver

The complex undertaking of enforcing a judgment or a court order, or managing a distressed company, especially in foreign jurisdictions, is a unique endeavor that requires specialization and experience. Robert Seiden has been recognized globally for his expertise in working as a court-appointed receiver in over 30 cases (in Federal and State Courts) to enforce judgments and court orders in the U.S. and abroad, including in China and to manage companies in distress or for purposes of court supervision involving a dispute.

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Investigative Counsel

Seiden Law counsels individuals and corporations on a variety of investigative matters in both the criminal and civil realm. Our work includes unsolved crimes protecting victims from economic harm and compliance with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). We help our clients secure the proper licenses to engage in sensitive transactions that are otherwise prohibited by OFAC. In high-profile cases of changed circumstances, Seiden Law will provide clients with solutions to effect their removal from the Specially Designated National List pursuant to the OFAC sanctions programs.

Corporate Transactions

Seiden Law provides legal services to corporations and other enterprises of all sizes. We provide businesses with crucial day-to-day solutions for all of their corporate legal needs.

General Corporate Work. Registration, day-to-day operations, capital raising efforts, employment agreements, reorganizations, receivership and liquidations.
Mergers and Acquisitions. Cross-border acquisitions in a number of fields, including petroleum, minerals, timber/woodworking, tech and telecommunications.
Bank Finance. Secured and unsecured credit facilities, including syndicated loans, convertible debt, revolving credit facilities, asset-based lending, letters of credit, securitizations and project finance.
Securities Law. Private placements of debt and equity, option plans, delistings and periodic SEC filings.
Private Equity. Fund formation and maintenance, including limited partnership agreements and multi-tiered fund structures.
Commercial Real Estate. Leases and purchases of offices, commercial spaces and buildings.
Oil, Gas, Minerals and Clean Energy. Documentation, escrow, project financing (both upstream and downstream), mergers & acquisitions.
Offshore Entities. Formation of special purpose vehicles and trusts.

Shareholder Activism

Seiden Law represents investors when they are at risk of or have lost their investment from corporate malfeasance, misconduct, incompetence or other shareholder oppression. We file shareholder derivative cases, class action cases and secure equitable and monetary relief for investors of US and foreign companies.

Asset Searches,
Investigations &
Judgment Enforcement

Seiden Law works with our team of asset tracers to identify assets so that our legal team can lock them down and monetize them for our clients. For example, Seiden Law has identified and secured multimillion dollar apartments in Manhattan, New York for large judgments, as well as bank accounts in the U.S. and overseas

  • Judgment recognition
  • Judgment enforcement
  • Writs of Attachment
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Bank and brokerage accounts
  • Real estate and businesses
  • Third party disclosure